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1. Wash hands & gather supplies: waist beads, scissors, dish for catching excess beads, mirror to see placement of strand.

2. Grab your waist bead by both ends. You’ll notice an anchor bead at each looped end. DO NOT pull on those yet. 

3. Place strand around your waist in desired position. With both ends in front of you, cross string and hold in place. With dominant hand pull both anchor beads to release loops and unwanted beads. 

4. Push beads that will be around waist, back away from the anchor and excess beads so there are no gaps between beads. Tie first knot as if tying a shoe.             

5. Readjust your strand as needed. To do so simply untie strand, remove or add beads to get desired fit and positioning then repeat step 4.

6. Once positioned, pull both ends to tighten and remove gaps. Tie 1 more knot to reinforce "no gaps." 

7. Cut end of string right above anchor beads to allow extra beads to fall into dish. Take 2 strands and tie 1 surgical knot tightly. Repeat with other 2 strands. Take 2 strands in each hand and tie 2-3 more single knots tightly. Cut string about 1/4” from knot. Burn ends if desired.

8. Turn strand around so the knot is at your back and voila!



For the most comfortable fit, put one hand through the waist beads up to your wrist without it feeling tight. This will leave enough room for eating, sitting, moving, sleeping and God forbid, bloating! 



For video tutorial on how to tie your strand go to:

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