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What are waist beads?

Waistbeads are adornments created to be worn either permanently by tie on method or with a clasp. The tradition of wearing waist beads is one that has been rooted in African cultures for centuries. The practice of wearing waist beads is one that is shared with all women.

Reasons to wear Love Tied Waistbeads:

  • they are a tangible reminder to heal emotionally or spiritually

  • a reminder to remain diligent and disciplined in any area of your life

  • to boost confidence and self-esteem in women & little girls

  • to promote self love and positive body image

  • to embrace the beauty of divine femininity

  • to celebrate womanhood, motherhood, or mother to be

  • to gauge weight/waist management 

  • they assist with posture correction

  • to welcome young girls into womanhood

  • to honor and celebrate celibacy

  • to be revealed on your wedding night and worn for the pleasure of your husband

  • as a symbol of strength, courage and survival, especially from trauma

  • just because you know you look and feel good wearing them!


How to care for your waist beads:

After showering or being submerged in water for any amount of time, gently squeeze excess water out of your waist beads. Avoid getting oils or lotion on your beads,, if so be sure to gently wipe off with a damp cloth to maintain bead and cord integrity. It is highly suggested that you do not take mud baths or wraps. Please note that excessive chlorine or other chemicals can alter the color/finish of the seed beads and weaken the cord.

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